iOS ScrollView – make it snappy!

In iOS17, Swift UI has some new modifiers which make it easier to implement snap behaviour in scrollviews. ScrollView Let’s make a simple scrollview: Reminder: Using LazyHStack instead of HStack means the tiles are only loaded when needed and not upfront. This gives us a simple horizontal scrollview: The default behaviour is free scrolling, and … Continue reading “iOS ScrollView – make it snappy!”

iOS Simulator Screen Recording

Recording a video of the simulator used to be a bit clunky – either using the command line via simctl or other software such as Quicktime. Thankfully it’s now much easier! Screen Recording in Xcode Above the simulator is a toolbar which includes a button to take a screenshot: In the File menu there is … Continue reading “iOS Simulator Screen Recording”

Understanding Map functions in Swift

In Swift we have map, flatMap and now compactMap. What do each of these functions do and how can we use them? Let’s have a look at map… Part 1:  Map The map function takes a collection (often an array) and a function, and returns an array of items from the collection with the function applied … Continue reading “Understanding Map functions in Swift”